DL1 Gimbal Camera

DL1 is an all-in-one gimbal camera that can be adjusted to a 360° unlimited range of motion, capturing HD images with high resolution and high optical zoom lens from far away.

All-in-one Gimbal Camera

The advanced 3-axis stablized gimbal enables users to capture ultra-stable and smooth images even in violent environment.

360° Unlimited View

DL1 gimbal camera can be adjusted to a 360° unlimited range of motion, everything, even corners can be delivered - operators will never miss any possibilities during the task.

High Resolution & High Optical Zoom

DL1 features a 36x optical zoom lens and can take pictures at 14 megapixel and shoot videos at 1080p. Users could monitor and analyze the real-time views displayed on the ground station, and response immediately if any problems occur.

Suitcase with High Quality

Goertek Robotics offers users a suitcase with high quality to protect the camera and take it to your destinations.

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