GS1 Ground Station

GS1 ground station features a 10 inch ultra-bright touch screen, allowing you to view real-time images and flight data in sunlight. Optimized UI design offers you the feeling of operating a smart phone. With special materials and technology, GS1 is quite light and easy to carry.

10 Inch Highlight Touch Screen

Slide to unlock and touch the screen to set and control the drone and gimbal camera. View flight data and images – even under the sun. That’s what GS1 brings to you.

Extended Transmission Range
FHD Video Transmission

GS1 is capable to control GT1 even 5km* away from the drone, and displays stable and clear images at 1080p with minimal latency.

*The distance is tested under the optimized condition (outdoors, no interference).

Extended Controller

GS1 ground station can be connected to an ordinary assistant remote controller (with joysticks) through a cable, enabling users accustomed to joystick an alternative. When the two connect successfully, users can control the flight platform via the assistant controller. GS1 will have the assistant controller lost the control of GT1 at any time.

Built-in APP and Map

With the built-in APP and Amap, GS1 ground station can wholly control the hexrcopter and the compatible gimbal cameras, figuring out the very position if a condition occurs.

Port for Tripod Connecting

The port on the back of GS1 is well-matched with different kinds of tripods on the market. Users could mount the ground station on a tripod while watching the videos – it is a nice treat for them.

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