GT100 Quadcopter

GT100 is regarded as a good choice for training new pilot, as it features the specially developed training mode, safe and reliable.

Training Mode

Training mode is definitely an innovation to help new pilots get started quickly and safely. The coach is always experienced and agile to take over the drone if new pilots make any mistakes.

Detachable Components

Disassembling the landing gears and gimbal camera after flying to pack them in a much smaller case, it will not be cumbersome or inconvenient to carry GT100 with you.

Replaceable Modules

Users are allowed to mount a speaker or other modules on the drone during a task. And by the smart controller, it is available to air-drop the modules if needed or speak to people far away from the users.

Smart Battery & Long Duration

GT100 offers up to 23 minutes flight time with the 5000mAh smart battery and optimized aerodynamic design.

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