GT1 Hexrcopter

GT1 is a professional flight platform designed for solving industrial problems. Featuring HD digital video downlink, multiple task modes, and long duration, the hexrcopter is widely welcomed by users from different industries, such as powerline inspection, police patrol, high way cruising and photovoltaic station monitoring.

Industrial UAV

GT1 is a professional hexrcopter designed to solve different industrial problems. It offers up to 45 minutes of flight time and can be operated in even severe weathers due to its capabilities of wind-resistance, water-proof, dust-proof and anti-interference. GT1 is ultralight and can be easily packed in a portable suitcase with foldable arms. The aircraft is freely controlled by the advanced GS1 ground station -featuring a 10 inch touch screen that displays fluent HD live footage during the flight.

Digital Video Downlink in FHD

With advanced long-distance data link technology, the digital video downlink range reaches 5km in 1080p FHD, extending to 7km if in 720p HD. GT1 allows users to view real-time images to analyze the very situations while conducting industrial tasks, regardless of geographic conditions.

Long Flight Duration

GT1 can fly up to 45 minutes on the basis of the smart flight battery, perfect aerodynamic design and powerful propulsion system, enabling you a smarter, safer and more efficient flight experience.

Multiple Task Modes

To meet different industrial requirements, Goertek Robotics developed a variety of gimbal cameras. One in the series is with 36x optical zoom lens and 14 megapixel can capture fluent FHD images. Also available is RGB & thermal dual-lens camera providing precise full screen temperature measurement and high temperature alarm. It takes only several steps to replace the take modes.

Reliable Industrial Design

GT1 is industrial-oriented designed, which is safer and much more reliable with powerful flight control algorithm, combined navigation algorithm and dual redundancy design.

Smart Ground Station

GS1 ground station features a 10 inch ultra-bright touch screen, allowing you to view real-time images and flight data in sunlight. Optimized UI design offers you the feeling of operating a smart phone. With special materials and technology, GS1 is quite light and easy to carry.

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