Brand Concept

Programme Your Future !

Goertek Robotics has created Fii, a new brand of educational drone to contribute to the development of quality-oriented education, offering an opportunity to approach STEAM education and artificial intelligence. Students can learn aviation knowledge, laws and regulations, experience the joy of assembly, flying and programming, and benefit more from our comprehensive and systematic STEAM education solution that covers not only drones, but also textbooks, teaching software, courseware, activities and competitions.

  Complete Education System

With the guidance of CSAA, Goertek Robotics has created a complete drone education system, including courses, teacher training, lab, grade test, national competition, and talent recommendation.
The system mainly focuses on how the drone works and how to use the drone to solve the problems in daily life. Goertek Robotics will help build a Fii Lab for school, and will provide textbooks, drones and other equipment, ensuring that students have a great improvement in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics through theory acquisition, programming, drone assembly and flying practices.

  We Provide Total Solutions For K12 Schools

Training and Certification

We have professional STEAM teacher training system, experienced trainers and various activities. Teachers will be organized to learn how to implement drone teaching, communicate and share with each other on STEAM education, as well as put forward suggestions. In 2017, more than 500 teachers from schools in Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces participated our educational drone training. A certification system will be introduced in the future to assess and evaluate if a teacher is qualified to teach senior students, which means excellent teachers will be offered more opportunities.

Competition System

Nation-wide and province-wide competitions will provide a platform for students to show their ability and share experience with each other. Diverse items include individual event and team event — consisting of flight match and assembly match. Programming and racing will be covered in the future. Students will feel encouraged and realize the importance of cooperation through competitions.

Grade Test and Points

Students can choose to participate the drone grade test (10 grades totally) to get certificated or to compete in contests to obtain certain points. If they rank at or near the top in a competition of higher level, they will acquire more points. Students who are devoted to make further study on aviation technology in the future will be favored with grade certifications and points.

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