GT-ADS Intelligent Counter Drone System

The system is superior to other anti-UAV devices that work only for a single purpose. GT-ADS can automatically detect, identify and pinpoint the precise location of “low, slow, small” drones, track and sight these moving drones autonomously via optical system, as well as attack and shoot down them through spot jamming.

Current Challenges

1、Some "low, slow, small" drones threaten social security.
2、Anti-UAV devices on the market generally seem not that effective and target detecting and positioning is really a tough task for them.
3、Simply relying on electronic interference, it is dangerous to work with the ordinary anti-UAV devices on the market, especially at airport or other places abound with crowds.


◆  Wireless system autonomously discovers, alarms, identifies and positions the invader
◆  Optical system autonomously scans, track and aims at the target
◆  Directional electronic interference combines with onboard net, intercept the target
◆  The screen displays information directly
◆  Linked with drone aerial management, GT-ADS will quickly distinguish friends from invaders
◆  GT-ADS can discover and position operators on the ground

React Quickly:

Autonomously discovers, alarms, identifies and positions the invader with radio-frequency spectrum, no electromagnetic interference to the environment. Target discovery probability: >98%, identification probability: >90%.

Track Precisely:

Distinguish the target from others through optical tracking system. It takes less than 1 second to identify an invader; optical tracking accuracy error is less than 1mm while the tracking range is more than 2km.

Intercept Safely:

High precision, less risks.

Information Displayed Completely:

Images and data, such as target location and alarms will be shown on the screen of the ground inspection system.

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