GT-HWS for Thruway Inspection

Goertek Robotics offers a complete highway cruising solution based on the industrial hexrcopter GT1. With optical fiber transmission, distributed ground stations can connect with the command center, and transmit the real-time data to the center, which, beyond doubt, positions GT-HWS as a leading solution for long-range high way monitoring.

Current Challenges

1、Security risks: operators sometimes make mistakes, and drones will crash, threatening cars and people on the way.
2、Low efficiency: the number of operators, drones and batteries is quite less than the number required.
3、High expenses: operators are necessary during the whole work.
4、The transmission distance is too short to meet the demand, as terrain varies.


◆  Intelligent civil UAV highway cruising solution
◆  An autonomous all-in-one system
◆  Wireless signal will not restricted by transmission range and geographic environment
◆  Data analysis, storage and sharing
◆  Command center

An autonomous All-in-one System:

Automatically take off, collect images, cruising, position and land.

Datalink Relay System:

The datalink can extend as the road goes, and the drone can take off and land at anywhere of highway, communicate with and transmit information to the command center. Wireless signal will not restricted by transmission range and geographic environment.

Command Center:

Command center can set the route, order the drone to take off and land automatically, and view images and data.

Identify Suspicious Conditions:

By controlling drone and gimbal, and checking transmitted images in the command center, the system empowers users to discover suspicious conditions.

Powerful Backend Management System:

Route storage, drone model management, data management and storage, images analysis, and linked to upper platform.

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