GT-PVS for Photovoltaic Power Station

Goertek Robotics develops the professional GT-PVS to make it possible to get over difficulties and deficiencies in current photovoltaic power station inspection on the basis of advanced reliable flight control and data analysis system. The self-developed hexrcopter features optimal redundancy design and high-precision navigation system, compatible with different task modes. Inspector can view and analyze the transmitted data and images, figuring out the problems on the photovoltaic power station or any other potential defects. GT-PVS is an integrated solution for pre-exploration and post-inspection of the distributed power stations and central power station.

Current Challenges

1、Many drones are not professional enough for photovoltaic power station inspection.
2、As the components of photovoltaic power station are distributed, drones on the market fail to identify which component does not function well.
3、Operators must be very competent to control the drones.


◆  Intelligent and integrated system
◆  Easier to control with task mode and smart system
◆  Automatically generate maintenance reports
◆  Convenient to make decisions and command with displayed data and images
◆  Command center


Customized app and system; professional lens, HD video in day and night; high precision temperature measurement and high temperature alarm; high-precision facular-orientation with tiny deviation.

High Reliability:

Multi-redundant design, more security assurance.


Compatible with other smart devices, available for further development.


Very easy to control; visual reports; require less maintenance, able to accept remote support and upgrade.

High Efficiency:

Easy to assemble, increase efficiency, cover remote areas.

Diverse Product Line:

A series of products are applied in different aspects of photovoltaic power station.

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