GT-EPS for Electric Power Line

Based on the smart UAV and the integrated backend, GT-EPS will automatically collect and analyze data, identify and fix problems during autonomous flights. The drone serviced in the system features long flight duration and can fly further at one trip, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution.

Current Challenges

1、It is difficult to inspect and repair the powerline due to huge scale and complex geographic environment.
2、Manual work takes much time and resources, and faces much risks.
3、The traditional UAV inspection is not that intelligent, failing to save costs and time. Drones are unable to autonomously fly, depending on pilot control and pilots have to bring the heavy ones all the way.


◆  Smart and unmanned
◆  Autonomous and all-in-one
◆  Smart datalink
◆  Long flight duration
◆  Command center
◆  Automatic data processing backend

◆  Intelligent and unmanned

◆  Autonomously fly and collect data and images; no need for operators to control; high precision

◆  The real time images and data will be transmitted to the command center no matter, despite the complicated terrain and long distance.

◆  Alarm once indentifies any problems while processing the data and images.

◆  With long flight duration, the single drone can fly and inspect up to 10km at one trip.

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