Goertek Robotics Co., Ltd.

    Goertek Robotics Co., Ltd. located in Qingpu District, Shanghai is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goertek, a listed company (SZ.002241) in China. Goertek Robotics is supported by professional technicians who have rich experience in flight control, 3-axis self-stabilizedgimbal and software development. Even in the most advanced visual tracking algorithms and anti-UAV defense technology, we have made a significant breakthrough, not to mention motor independent development and aerial composite material manufacturing.

Goertek Robotics offers customer total industrial solutions on the basis of our industrial drone. For now, the solutions have been introduced to help powerline and Photovoltaic station inspection, police patrol and highway cruising, and it turns out to be effective and efficient.

Fii, a new brand of educational drone created by Goertek Robotics, comes into being as an exploration of quality-oriented education. The educational drones, together with textbooks, teaching software,courseware, after school activities and province-wide and nationwide competitionswill help build a comprehensive and systematic STEAM education solution.

Core Competence

Reliable flight control

Navigation technology

Data chain

Aerial composite


Self-stabilized gimbal

Anti-UAV defense

Propulsion system

Machine vision

Software development

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